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Drawing near to the end of another year, we think of past events but, like Janus, the imaginary Roman god of doorposts, we also look forward into the year ahead. We even have a custom of making new year resolutions, which may be worthy in themselves, but are often short lived.

Long term promises are a different matter: marriage, commitment to long term relationships, changing jobs, moving home - life changing issues.
Looking outside our immediate circle, there are promises being made on our behalf in the wider world. How do we deal with these? Have we the knowledge or the interest to understand the wider issues that affect our lives?

Recently I have received several letters and cards from friends who I have known for over 70 years but not seen for a long time, handwriten in a style that I recognise from my childhood. We keep in touch by letter because we are now too far apart to visit each other regularly. It is sheer pleasure to open what I know will be not only a beautifully handwritten letter but one that is full of interest.

Of course, we have tried to keep up with electronic devices over the years and have found this increasingly important as younger generations seem to use them more frequently and sometimes almost exclusively. We appreciate change if we can keep pace with what might be beneficial. Constant patience is needed if we are not to fall by the wayside.

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