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Every other week we give public Bible talks on Sundays at 2.15pm in...
The OddFellows Hall, 85 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds. IP33 1NX 
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Subject list [God willing]

September 2018

The hope of the Gospels - John

9 - Are we taught of God?

23 - Jesus - the Light of the World

October 2018

The hope of the Gospels

14 - Compassion of Jesus

28 - The Lord's Prayer

November 2018

The hope of the Gospels

11 - The prayers of Jesus

25 - Jesus' crucifixion

December 2018

The hope of the Gospels

09 - Why do we break bread?

23 - Jesus - The Lamb of God

January 2019

The hope of the Gospels

13 - Jesus - Miracle upon miracle

27 - Why will only a few be saved?

February 2019

10 - The man who will rule the world

24 - Israel - still God's chosen people

March 2019

10 - War and peace - God's way

24 - The last funeral


Latest news

The Bible Today Exhibition will be visiting the following villages, each for one day only, during May 2019
Monday 13th May - Fordham, Cambridgeshire, Victoria Hall
Tuesday 14th May - Elmswell Village Hall
Wednesday 15th May - Long Melford Village Hall
Thursday 16th May - Great Waldingfield Village Hall
Friday 17th May - Rickinghall Village Hall
Admission is free. It is planned that the Exhibition will be open each day from 10:00am to 8:00pm. For details of venues and in case of any change, consult this page before travelling.
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