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Signs of the times

This blog page is a digest of our thoughts on world events as they relate to the coming of the Kingdom of God. We try to update it regularly, particularly when things happen that seem significant in the light of Bible prophecy.

In 1947 a group of atomic scientists, realising the dangers threatening continued human existence on this planet after the invention and use of atomic weapons, devised a warning system called The Doomsday Clock. It currently displays 2 minutes to midnight. Eugene Rabinowitch, one of the founders of The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, which features the Clock, explained...

The Bulletin's Clock is not a gauge to register the ups and downs of the international power struggle; it is intended to reflect basic changes in the level of continuous danger in which mankind lives in the nuclear age.

“Grandma, can you do cartwheels?” asked my young daughter with typical childish innocence, after demonstrating her own acrobatic abilities across the lawn. Grandma, though pretty spry for her age at that time, found the notion of doing cartwheels in her mid-seventies so amusing that she remembered this incident for the rest of her days. She eventually attained the age of 93 with some help from modern medicine and surgery, but during the last months of her life even walking had become impossible. As for myself, I don’t do cartwheels now, and one day my daughter will experience the same decline in strength. Such is the curse of mortality inherited from Adam.

In spite of declining belief in God and falling church attendance figures, Christmas continues to be celebrated in one form or another by huge numbers of people throughout the world. Probably only a small proportion of these do so for religious reasons, and far more simply look forward to its material pleasures – time off work, an excuse for abundant food and drink shared with family and friends, the excitement acquired from earliest childhood of giving and receiving presents. And in case anyone should waver in their enthusiasm for these things, the commercial world does its best to convince everyone that the more one buys the better Christmas will be.

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. [Revelation 11:18]

This article seeks to show that there is an increasing level of anger among nations, and this indicates that the return of Jesus Christ to the earth is near.

The words in the title of this little article appeared in The Daily Telegraph as a headline on Thursday July 25th 2002, and introduced an article about an asteroid whose orbit could coincide with that of the earth. The asteroid, named 2002NT7, is estimated to be between 0.6 and 2.5 miles (0.96 and 4.0 kilometres) across, and travelling at 18 miles (28km) per second. Astronomers have been plotting the orbit, calculating its future path, and have predicted a collision, if it does take place, at 11.47am on Friday February 1st 2019. Although there is such precision in the calculated impact time, there is less certainty about whether it will actually take place, as each set of observations improves the accuracy of predictions about the orbit.

The consequences of such a collision would be catastrophic for many, causing great destruction, changes to the atmosphere, climatic changes, shock waves throughout the earth. Does this worry you? Do you fear the end of civilisation as we know it? Are you uneasy about the uncertainty of the astronomers’ predictions?

In view of the desperate and dangerous state of the world, we need to consider an alternative to what appear to be intractable situations world-wide. Who yet in all the many negotiations, contacts or policy implementations over the years of conflict, not just in the Middle East, but world-wide, has shown that he or she has the wisdom to present and implement lasting beneficial peace?

Every civilised society needs a system of law and justice to protect its members from antisocial behaviour. Many regard the British criminal justice system as one of the best in the world but even here in recent years there have been examples of people being wrongly imprisoned. Two such cases were featured on television a few weeks ago. One concerned a man currently serving a two and a half year long prison sentence who had been convicted solely on the basis of a finger print which experts say could not have come from the surface of the incriminating evidence. Two other proven cases of mistaken fingerprint analysis were mentioned in the same programme. The other case was that of a man who spent 23 years in prison for a murder that had not been committed.