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We're just beginning to build a video library of short recorded talks on important subjects from fulfilment of prophecy to doctrine and the comforts of God's promises. The first short series will cover the way the Bible was made available to us in our own language. Each new talk will be announced in the yellow post-it note at the top right of the homepage and will then be added to the library so that folks who discover this resource late and want to review previous talks can always find them. The library is HERE;  it's small now but will build up as we post new talks.

In this little section of our webpage we examine, in detail, the things we hold true as a fellowship of believers in the God of Heaven. Our aim is to challenge you to sit for a few moments and consider your own ideas on some fundamental questions, and to provide a framework of Bible teaching to help you order your thoughts.

We already have a section in our main menu called What we believe, with short-form summaries of our beliefs, but in this section we're providing more supporting detail.

The Bible is clear that God will end man’s dominion over the earth and set up His own kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). At the start of that process God, through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, will rescue Israel from an invasion and Jesus will at last being recognized as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10). We believe the invasion is close because we can see an alliance of nations forming today that is very much as described in the Bible.

We live in an imperfect world in which suffering is a fact of life and we cannot eradicate it. We are vulnerable and susceptible to suffering and death, unscrupulous humans even intentionally inflict suffering upon others. Suffering has many causes: war, poverty, disease, bereavement and depression are only a few, but some types of suffering can be beneficial - pain can alert us to the need for medical assistance, for example, and suffering is an important element of human development - the process we usually call growing up. 

The Bible provides insight into the origin of suffering, stating plainly that it is the consequence of man’s fallen, sinful state. Ever since sin appeared through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, mankind has been on a downward spiral both of habitual sinful behaviour and of lack of clear direction, worthwhile hope, or knowledge of God...

These are grim times in which we live. We may not know how long they will last, but of one thing we are assured: they will not last forever, and they will eventually be replaced with peace, safety and good health.

When God created the earth, He had a purpose with it. Three times that purpose is proclaimed in the Bible in slightly different terms, the third passage bringing together the features of the other two.