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Every other week we give public Bible talks on Sundays at 2.15pm in...
The OddFellows Hall, 85 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds. IP33 1NX 
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Subject list
Because of the pandemic we have temporarily moved our Sunday Bible Talks online. Recordings are available below.

The theme is 'The hope of the gospels'

25 Sep Mary’s and Elisabeth’s songs 

11 Sep Who was Luke? 

28 Aug Jesus' lesson of little children to us 

14 Aug Why teach in parables? 

24 Jul Tempted of the devil 

10 Jul Who was Mark? 

26 Jun  The Olivet Prophecy:its meaning for us 

12 Jun  Sermon on the mount 

22 May  The healings of Jesus 

08 May  Where did Jesus come from? 

24 Apr  Five facts to build your life on (not part of the theme) 

10 Apr  Who was Matthew? 


The theme is 'What Christadelphians believe'

27 Mar  Israel is God's nation 

13 Mar  Baptism is essential 

27 Feb  Man's reward of immortality on earth 

13 Feb  Jesus - returning immortal King 

23 Jan  Jesus - High Priest in heaven 

09 Jan  Jesus - sinless Saviour 


26 Dec  Man is mortal because of sin 

12 Dec  God's purpose is to fill the earth with His glorys 

28 Nov  The Bible is God's reliable word 

14 Nov  The Holy Spirit is God's power 

24 Oct  Jesus is the Son of God 

10 Oct  There is one God 

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