On two sundays each month, we give public Bible talks in our meeting room at 2.15pm. A list of subjects is shown below.

Our meeting room is at The OddFellows Hall, 85 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds. IP33 1NX

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Subject list
The list below shows upcoming subjects for our Bible talks. As each date is passed, the title listing will be replaced by a link to a recording of the talk.


The theme is 'Steps to salvation:'

22 Sep Be changed to serve with Jesus in God's kingdom on earth

08 Sep Be called to judgment at Jesus' return

25 Aug Aim to lead a pure life, guided by God's word

11 Aug Repent and be baptised - figuring death and resurrection

28 Jul Read, understand and believe the Bible

14 Jul Recognise that without help we have no hope

The theme is 'God promises in the Bible'

23 Jun God's faithful servants shall live on earth for ever

09 Jun Famine and hunger will disappear universally - for ever

26 May Sickness and disease will be banished completely - for ever

12 May Government everywhere will be honest and just - for ever

28 Apr World peace and stability will come - for ever

14 Apr Israel will survive and prosper - for ever

The theme is 'The Bible – God’s guide to life '

24 Mar How to read and understand it

10 Mar Why it is still relevant

25 Feb Why we can trust it

11 Feb The sections summarised

28 Jan How it came to us in our own language

14 Jan How it was written


The theme is 'God’s chosen people'

24 Dec Saints – the faithful of all nations

10 Dec Disciples – proclaimers of the gospel

26 Nov Jesus – the only begotten Son of God

12 Nov Israel – a nation born in a day

22 Oct Abraham – father of the faithful

08 Oct Noah – preacher of righteousness

The theme is 'The gospel in the Old Testament'

24 Sep Jonah and other prophets: pictures of Jesus’ ministry

10 Sep David: promise of a greater king – Christ.Audio only - Reading Matthew 22:29-45

27 Aug David and Goliath: pointing to Jesus conquering sin

13 Aug Ruth’s experiences: a figure of redemption

23 Jul Moses: promise of a greater prophet – Jesus

09 Jul Passover: a pointer to Jesus as the Saviour

25 Jun Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: promises of a land and a seed

11 Jun Abraham: righteousness by faith

28 May Noah: separation and salvation by water

14 May In Eden: condemnation and promise of salvation

23 Apr The authority of the Bible

The theme is 'The hope of the gospels'

09 Apr Jesus – the Lamb of God

26 Mar Why do we Break Bread?

12 Mar Jesus' Crucifixion

26 Feb The Prayers of Jesus

12 Feb The Lord’s Prayer

22 Jan Compassion of Jesus

08 Jan Jesus, the Light of the World


18 Dec Are we taught of God?

11 Dec Jesus, the Bread of Life

27 Nov Who was John?

13 Nov The 12. Disciples/Apostles

23 Oct Jesus at 12

09 Oct The message of John the Baptist

25 Sep Mary’s and Elisabeth’s songs

11 Sep Who was Luke?

28 Aug Jesus' lesson of little children to us

14 Aug Why teach in parables?

24 Jul Tempted of the devil

10 Jul Who was Mark?

26 Jun The Olivet Prophecy:its meaning for us

12 Jun Sermon on the mount

22 May The healings of Jesus

08 May Where did Jesus come from?

24 Apr Five facts to build your life on (not part of the theme)

10 Apr Who was Matthew?

The theme is 'What Christadelphians believe'

27 Mar Israel is God's nation

13 Mar Baptism is essential

27 Feb Man's reward of immortality on earth

13 Feb Jesus - returning immortal King

23 Jan Jesus - High Priest in heaven

09 Jan Jesus - sinless Saviour


26 Dec Man is mortal because of sin

12 Dec God's purpose is to fill the earth with His glorys

28 Nov The Bible is God's reliable word

14 Nov The Holy Spirit is God's power

24 Oct Jesus is the Son of God

10 Oct There is one God

The following are audio only


The following have no theme

09 Feb Laws to point to Christ. Reading Leviticus 19

26 Jan Laws for healthy living. Reading - Genesis 3

12 Jan God selects His nation. Reading - Genesis 17 v1-8


22 Dec Why languages divide humanity. Reading - Genesis 11 v1-9

08 Dec God calls His friend. Reading - Genesis 22 v1-19

24 Nov Wickedness interrupted by water. Reading - Isaiah 8v1-8

10 Nov The origin of suffering. Reading - Genesis 3

27 Oct God defines marriage. Reading - Ephesians 5v22-33

13 Oct God created - Jesus said so . Reading - Psalm 33

22 Sep The prodigal son. Reading - Luke 15

The theme is 'Bible principles illustrated'

08 Sep Good tidings of great joy. Reading - Luke 2v1-20&

25 Aug For ye are bought with a price. Reading - 1 Corinthians 6v12-20

11 Aug Newness of spirit. Reading - Romans 7v1-6

28 Jul The feeding of the 4000 and of the 5000. Reading - Matthew 14v13-21

09 Jun The great high priest. Reading - Hebrews 7

26 May Of the times and the seasons.

28 Apr I am the true vine. Reading - John 15v1-9

14 Apr The whole armour of God. Reading - Ephesians 6v10-18

The following have no theme

14 Jul The empty tomb. Reading - 1 Corinthians 15v1-23

23 Jun The Bible reasons 1967 was important. Reading - Ezekiel 38v1-9

24 Mar The last funeral. Reading - 1 Corinthians 15v50-58

10 Mar War and peace – God's way. Reading - Isaiah 2

10 Feb The man who will rule the world. Reading - Acts 2v14-37

The theme is 'The hope of the gospels'

27 Jan Why will only a few be saved?. Reading - Luke 13v22-35

13 Jan Jesus - miracle upon miracle. Reading - Isaiah 35


23 Dec Jesus. the Lamb of God. Reading - Genesis 22 v1-19

09 Dec Why do we break bread ?. Reading - 1 Corinthians 11v17-34

25 Nov Jesus' crucifixion. Reading - Psalm 22

11 Nov Compassion of Jesus. Reading - John 11

28 Oct The Lord’s Prayer. Reading - Psalm 145:8-13

14 Oct The prayers of Jesus. Reading - John 17

23 Sep Jesus - the Light of the World. Reading - Ephesians 5v6-14

09 Sep Are we taught of God?. Reading - Psalm 119v33-40

26 Aug Jesus - the Bread of Life. Reading - John 6 v 22-36

25 Feb The sermon on the mount. Reading Matthew 5v1-12

11 Feb The healing of Jesus. Reading Luke 7

14 Jan Who was Matthew. Reading Matthew 9v9-13


The theme is 'The Lord Jesus Christ'

31 Dec Alpha and Omega. Reading Hebrews 1

24 Dec King of the Jews. Reading Zechariah 1

17 Dec High Priest. Leviticus 16:1-17

03 Dec Son of David, son of Abraham. Reading Matthew 22:29-45

The theme is 'Bible truth versus popular theology'

26 Nov The eternal city is Jerusalem, not Rome. Reading Psalm 2

19 Nov Baptism is full immersion, not sprinkling. Reading Mark 7:1-9

12 Nov Man is mortal with no immortal soul. Reading Genesis 2.

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