Christadelphian Websites

To find out where Christadelphians are active near you, visit Worldwide Christadelphian meetings map.

The Christadelphian bookshop and publishing team maintain an excellent website at .

The Gospel is the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles who followed him. It was taught by the Old Testament prophets and appears throughout the Bible. For a website dedicated to explaining the basics of this Gospel of Jesus Christ, with a graphical summary (the Gospel in Brief) and a more detailed explanation (the Gospel), visit The Gospel Online.

For video clips featuring expert opinions on the reliability of the Bible see Bible4Life Films

For a Christadelphian site which looks at the news as it fulfils Bible prophecy, visit the online version of The Bible Magazine,

For the online version of Glad Tidings, a Christadelphian magazine explaining Bible teaching in simple terms, visit

For a site which offers Bible courses, downloadable literature and comments on current affairs in the light of Bible teaching, visit tries to show the answers contained in the Bible for many of life's big questions.

The Bible Exhibition now has its own website...

For a site which examines Bible teaching and its relevance for us today visit

For a challenge to examine some arresting ideas in the light of Bible teaching visit
For a website that introduces the Bible and its message in a straightforward, uncomplicated way visit
Bible Study Software

There are numerous sources of software for Bible study on computers. Most make multiple translations available, as well as concordances, lexicons, and commentaries and many of these software packages are free [except when they include modules based on copyrighted works - they usually pass on only the minimum copyright fee]. We have no connection with any of these organisations, but have found the Bible versions and tools they supply to be of considerable benefit and have no hesitation in recommending them, especially for personal Bible study.
We would strongly recommend caution with some of the opinions expressed in commentaries - always test human opinion against the Bible itself.
The websites listed below are the homes of perhaps the three best known packages...
The Online Bible: [European site] or [North American site].